Forex Trading App – WebSocket Demo that Your Boss Should See

Foreign Exchange iPad App - powered by Kaazing WebSockets

Foreign Exchange App running on the iPad - powered by Kaazing WebSockets

In this demo I walk you through our live Foreign Exchange Demo. This sample gives you a first hand experience how radically different types of applications you can build using HTML5 WebSockets.

And best of all, it runs equally fine in Safari on the iPad – give it a try!

I know, I may be somewhat😉 biased, but this is definitely one of the best WebSocket demos out there. See it for yourself!

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11 Responses to Forex Trading App – WebSocket Demo that Your Boss Should See

  1. John Sim says:

    Is that flash I see there generating the graph..
    You need canvas graph upgrade or wmode transparency enabled on flash to fix that popup issue😉

  2. this app is very usefull, i have an ipad and is great forex on it, thank you

    • Thank you for your kind words. It’s probably obvious – just to make sure we’re on the same page: this is a demon app to showcase the technology.
      Check out the other demos too – you may like some of those too…

  3. max forex says:

    Are there any brokers that allow me the ability to trade the forex, stocks, options, and futures(with an account size of about 3k) through one account(i.e. no transferring funds between several loosely connected accounts), have great trading tools(including support for mt4), and reasonable commissions. Although maby this is asking too much, it would be great it it offered at least some of the following: currency options, interest paid daily on long term forex positions(like oanda), built in option strategies, and an app for both iPhone and android devices. I know this is probably way too much to ask but are there any brokers that offer something close to this?

  4. Stephen says:

    Really cool. It would perform even better if you compressed the content – some of the data you deliver is huge and would have a problem showing up quickly on a mobile device that’s not on wi-fi.

    • Absolutely – it could be optimized further…
      In my experience very often it’s not the data rate or size that is the bottle neck on mobile devices, but rather the speed of JavaScript execution.

  5. Dave says:

    Hi Guys:
    Where is the data coming from in the app?

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