Tibco Web Messaging Powered by Kaazing WebSocket Gateway 3.5 JMS Edition

Hot off the press: the brand new TIBCO Web Messaging is powered by the recently released 3.5 version of Kaazing WebSocket Gateway JMS Edition.

“TIBCO Web Messaging takes full advantage of Kaazing’s JMS Edition 3.5 release to enable real-time, two-way web communication for the world’s leading enterprises,”

said Tom Laffey, EVP for Products and Technology at TIBCO.

“With TIBCO Web Messaging, our customers can extend their Event Enabled Enterprise to a much broader array of customer touch points, such as smartphones, tablets or browsers with exceptional levels of scalability, security and availability. This flexible level of user access allows our customers to more easily take advantage of opportunities or avoid threats and achieve what TIBCO calls the Two-Second Advantage®.”


The 3.5 release supports a handful of key new features, including:

  • APNS Integration for iOS applications to reach an audience even when the app is backgrounded or not running
  • Guaranteed message delivery to ensure end users receive all messages intended for them
  • Ability to close all inbound firewall ports for zero penetration into your trusted enterprise network while still allowing Web users to connect
  • Bandwidth control for offering volume-tiered data delivery services or to cap bandwidth utilization
  • Low latency for better response time and decreased bandwidth to minimize data usage
  • Supports “write once, deliver anywhere” mobile hybrid applications in addition to iOS Objective-C native applications

Learn more about TIBCO Enterprise Message Service or download Kaazing WebSocket Gateway JMS Edition 3.5, or read the official press release.

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