Kaazing Powering Real-Time Mobile Social Apps

For the 2012 Novela Festival of shared knowledge, held in Toulouse, France, Emmanuelle Mason, a local artist, whose practice explores and questions mixed mediums such as drawing, video, device, performance, photography, sculpture, digital and dance, partnered with software services companies Ekito and Kaazing to generate a huge immersive drawing experience where the public could map their movements and journeys live, onto a collective picture using their mobile phones.


Kaazing’s partner built an exciting app for the Novela festival and conference. The aim of the project was to demonstrate the combination of art and technology to provide a completely unique experience for the participants of the Novela festival. To do this, Emmanuelle’s vision was to enable a drawing to emerge and exist without her direct intervention so that it became a collective production by the public acting as the participants.

To learn more about the project, read the whitepaper, titled Powering Real-Time Mobile Social Apps with Kaazing.


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