Kaazing and SFHTML5 at HTML5DevConf 1-3 April 2013

Kaazing and the San Francisco HTML5 User Group are happy to attend HTML5DevConf on 1-3 April.

This is the fourth installation of this very popular and information-packed conference, and will be hosted at the beautiful, historic Palace Hotel in San Francisco. If you haven’t registered yet, don’t worry: tickets are still available.

Kaazing’s very own Frank Greco will present “WebSocket Perspectives and the Vision for the Future” and show off practical applications.
frank-greco-kaazing You’ll definitely want to check out this session for a very exciting demonstration (Tuesday, 2 April at 11:40a in the Presidio room).

Stop by Kaazing and SFHTML5’s booth for the latest demonstrations of Kaazing’s high performance real-time communication platform, as well as meet two of the authors of The Definitive Guide to HTML5 WebSocket: Peter Moskovits and Vanessa Wang. You may win a copy of the book! See you there.

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