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Stop Using the WebSocket API

KWICies #008 How to Reinvent the Wheel to Run Yourself Over “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana “If I’m not back in five minutes, just wait longer.” – Ace Ventura Ever since … Continue reading

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Kaazing and NGINX – The Best of Both Worlds

Jesse Selitham Kaazing is well-known for a multitude of products based on the WebSocket IETF and W3C standard.  Using WebSocket allows us to extend different types of asynchronous, message-oriented infrastructure such as JMS and AMQP easily and securely over the … Continue reading

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Deploying the Kaazing WebSocket Gateway Using Docker

Many of our customers deploy our WebSocket Gateway using traditional operations procedures.  Works perfectly fine, but like typical enterprise-grade middleware products, there’s still a number of moving parts to get correctly configured with other systems. Enter Docker. In case you … Continue reading

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Build an Enterprise Mobile Real Time App in under 30 Minutes

In the mobile world, there are no excuses for any user experience that isn’t instantaneous, dynamic, and safe. A cool way to develop these types of apps is with the use of a growing technology standard, WebSocket.  This standard has … Continue reading

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Meeting WebSockets for Real

Years ago I was developing mission-critical applications that required updates based on incoming real-time events.  At that time I was obsessed with the notion of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Service Oriented Architecture.  It all looked so cool; you … Continue reading

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AWS Re:Invent 2015 – Peter’s Cloud Security Talk Picks

With AWS Re:Invent approaching fast, I started reviewing the talks I absolutely wanted to see this year. Given our recent work with KWIC (Kaazing WebSocket Intercloud Connect), my focus this year is geared towards security and connectivity related topics. Here … Continue reading

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KWICies #003: WebSocket is Hot and Cool – You Dig?

How Fat-Pipe Connectivity over the Web Changes Everything “We are our choices.”  ― Jean-Paul Sartre “As a child my family’s menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it.”  ― Buddy Hackett Giant Steps We all know about the … Continue reading

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